(VIDEO) NASCAR driver after scary fire: I started suffocating and couldn’t breathe

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(VIDEO) NASCAR driver after scary fire: I started suffocating and couldn’t breathe

NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan had an accident that obviously shook her and that she will remember. Everything looked good until one moment. After Deegan came to replace another tire during the race, her left tire caught fire.

Many were in shock at the time, and only hoped that all would go well. However, Deegan soon left the car, and it was clear that she was stunned by the situation.And the others beside her could not believe it

Shortly afterward, she decided to respond via Twitter and explain what it all looked like. Most importantly, Deegan confirmed in good condition and what is the reason for the burning of the tire.

“Yes, I’m okay now,” she wrote on Twitter. “Our truck and times were super fast. First flat was caused from the 91 plowing into me on lap 7 on the back stretch for no reason. I was on fire for multiple laps.

Situation in the car

Of course, there is panic in situations like this, and so is Hailie. She could not even see the window at one point, and after leaving the vehicle she had difficulty breathing. In those moments, Haillie was in great fear, but still everything went well "I started suffocating and couldn’t breathe with the fire extinguisher and black smoke engulfed the truck on pit road.

I couldn’t get out because I couldn’t see the window net. I declined my interview because I couldn’t say 2 words without coughing/choking”. Every sport carries its own risk, including NASCAR. That is why we should praise all the drivers who risk their lives at some point, just to achieve success and help their team.

We hope that such situations will be as few as possible, but with the development of today's technology, they manage to reduce the percentage of accidents and breakdowns on cars, which is very commendable.