Joey Logano on Talladega accident: Stinks. It’s Talladega

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Joey Logano on Talladega accident: Stinks. It’s Talladega
Joey Logano on Talladega accident: Stinks. It’s Talladega

NASCAR drivers were aware that the Talladega race would be a big challenge for all of them. Most were skeptical and pessimistic before the race and did not expect much from this race. Some, however, were lucky and managed to achieve what they themselves did not expect, while some justified their pessimism..

Superspeedway races can bring big surprises, but sometimes accidents, which happened this time as well. Joey Logano had another crash on Talladega and decided to explain what it all looked like. Surely Logano is frustrated.

But he will have to forget about this as soon as possible and focus on what awaits him.
“It looks like from what I see there; it looks like Truex was trying to get everyone connected, which it’s part of it, maybe overconnected a little bit.

Got all four of us stacked on top of each other. At that point, you’re getting pushed from behind, you’re pushing the car in front. There’s nothing you can do, and I was the one that got shuffled out,” Joey Logano said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Logano on Talladega

Logano stressed once again how much he dislikes races like this, although most fans enjoy many situations on tracks like this. Another factor of such races is uncertainty. “Stinks. It’s Talladega.

I don’t know. Some people love it. I can’t say I do. It seems like it just happens a lot for us on these tracks, we run up front and something happens. They suck. I don’t think drivers enjoy it. The fans enjoy it so that’s good, but I don’t think many drivers look forward to it right now,” Joey Logano added.

Talladega trackwas exciting for all of us who watched it, and quite interesting. Obviously, NASCAR drivers are not big fans of races like this. There is still a long way to go, and we will see who will achieve their goal in the end

Joey Logano

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