Ross Chastain: I keep waiting to wake up from this dream


Ross Chastain: I keep waiting to wake up from this dream
Ross Chastain: I keep waiting to wake up from this dream

Ross Chastain had a phenomenal race in Talladega and eventually came away with the win. He did not seem to have expected such an outcome, as no one had high expectations, since Talladega was an unpredictable race and any outcome was possible.

Chastain still doesn't believe what a feat he has made, and it will be a great basis for him to continue the season in an even stronger rhythm. “It does not seem real at all. I keep waiting to wake up from this dream and realize it’s all not what I think I’m living, but I’ve got great groups of people from Trackhouse (Racing), the competition and business side, my family, that keep reminding me and keep showing me this is real,” said Ross Chastain.

However Ross Chastain does not want to put himself first, and praise his success, but is grateful to the whole team and all those who were helpful in this success. “I’m right where I want to be, and I have the people around me.

They keep me remembering and keep reminding me and keep pushing me to make this the best we can make it,” said Ross Chastain.

Chastain on expectations

Chastain once again emphasized that he thought he had no chance in a race like this, but since most drivers approached the race the same way, someone had to deny himself.

It is obvious that they have serious ambitions in his team, and especially after such successes, they will have even higher expectations from him. “A lot of time and work and really good people surrounding me, we’ve closed the gap.

There’s still a long way to go. I just thought I would never be able to catch up to guys that had been doing it so much longer than me,” concluded Ross Chastain. Chastain will quickly forget about this, and focus on the next races, and on the same goals.

Ross Chastain

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