Ricky Stenhouse Jr after Dover: We needed it, bad

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Ricky Stenhouse Jr after Dover: We needed it, bad

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hasn't been particularly successful this season, and it was the Dover race that motivated him to silence critics and show his talent. During the whole race he showed perseverance and quality, and in the end he finished the race second.

Ricky can be happy after all, and at the same time, after this result, he emphasized how much they needed this. "We needed it, bad,” Stenhouse said after the race, as quoted by motorsport. “Man, it’s been a rough start to the season.

Our short track program has been off. All our other good races that we’ve had good runs going, something has always happened. The race was fun and it was as if he gained confidence and was ready to go all the way. Stenhouse Jr.

may have even been able to win, but even this result is a great success for him. “I felt like we had a car capable of winning. Obviously, getting off pit road at different times. My pit crew did a great job keeping us up front all day.

“That was a lot of fun. A lot of battling. It was tough to pass, but it was fun running through lapped traffic. I really wish we had like a 70-lap run to end (the race)”.

Next races

The race was not easy at all, which is another reason for his happiness.

He is ready for the next challenges and what awaits him, and this result will be a motive to continue in the same rhythm. “We feel like we’ve been better than where we are right now as a race team. We’ve put a lot of fast race cars together, just haven’t had much to show for it.

“I’m really happy with this performance today. It was a tough battle out there. The track was tough. The cars were tough to drive. Our car was dialed in and our pit crew did a fabulous job on pit road. “Just came up one spot short”.