Buba Wallace honest: “That’s the frustrating part because..."

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Buba Wallace honest: “That’s the frustrating part because..."

Bubba Wallace is someone whose statements often interest NASCAR fans, and who attracts a lot of attention with his appearance. Wallace is failing to achieve what he set out to do this season, but he still seems pleased. “We’ve had 11 races this year and I would say close to 75% of those races, in debriefs, I’m talking about how we were a 10th to 12th place car.

If we get a late restart where we’re running 10th, we’re probably going to pick off some spots. Restarts are one of my strengths so we just never have given ourselves a chance at the end of the race, and that’s important for us,” Bubba Wallace said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Wallace on his season

Wallace has made a lot of mistakes this season, but he still does not want to give up and believes in himself and his abilities. “I feel like, personally, I’ve had one of my best years in the car in the Cup Series this year, just mentally staying together.

We have those moments where it’s a loose wheel or I mess up on the track or pit road and it’s like, OK, you can either fold or continue to push on and last year or years prior it would be, ‘We’re done.

We’ll finish wherever we finish. I’ll still scrap for whatever spot we were in,’ says Bubba Wallace. What frustrates him the most is the fact that he did his best, but unfortunately that is not enough at the moment.

Wallace is aware that he will have to work on some more things and try to compete for what he intends to do. “That’s the frustrating part because I feel like I’ve made a step up and put in that effort and the results aren’t there, so it takes every piece of the puzzle to make things right,” Bubba Wallace added.