Denny Hamlin before Kansas: “I feel like our team..."

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Denny Hamlin before Kansas: “I feel like our team..."

The Kansas speedway will be the next challenge for NASCAR drivers. Most are aware of the importance of this race as well and that they have to give their best, given that Kansas can be tough. Denny Hamlin is optimistic about what awaits him.

He has great ambitions as before, but it will certainly not be easy. Still, he is excited and ready to show what he knows. He could get a good result. “I’m excited about the weekend. We’ve been to pretty much every type of track that we’re going to see, so now we have some notes and data points that we can build off of.

That helps us a ton with setups and finding a direction to work in,” Denny Hamlin said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Kansas race expectations

The entire team has high expectations from the race in Kansas, given that they have had good experiences with this type of track.

We'll see if Hamlin can get a positive result. “I feel like our team has been looking forward to this race since Las Vegas because of how strong our car was there, and this is the first true mile-and-a-half we’ve been to since then.

As a company, we have been bringing! great cars to the track lately and just haven’t been able to get the finish we deserved, but I’m confident that we can do that this weekend in Kansas,” Denny Hamlin added.

Even before Darlington, he was clear. “We’ve had things that just have broken. I’ve had more mechanical failures this year than I’ve ever had,” Hamlin said. “Again, you know, some of these parts that we don’t control and NASCAR is continuing to change them and develop them to make them better so we don’t have a lot of problems, but we’ve just been kind of the poster child of the ones that break things.