Tyler Reddick: "Kansas Speedway is going to be a lot like.."

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Tyler Reddick: "Kansas Speedway is going to be a lot like.."
Tyler Reddick: "Kansas Speedway is going to be a lot like.." (Provided by Financial World)

Tyler Reddick will go to Kansas for his first victory, as he has been close a couple of times this season, but failed to reach first place. He doesn’t expect much from the Kansas race, and he seems to be in some fear before the race.

Reddick stressed that he would not be able to make a mistake and that this would be a great challenge. Whether he will achieve his goal, we will see. “I think this weekend’s race at Kansas Speedway is going to be a lot like the races we’ve seen at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The race will be a very unforgiving one. There will be a lot of running the wall with little to no room for error. The margin of error is so small and if you make one mistake, you could take yourself and others out of the race,” Tyler Reddick said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Preparation before the race

Most teams will be specially prepared before this race and create tactics that can potentially help them in their goals. Reddick points out that the most important thing is to listen to the crew since he doesn't want to finish the race earlier and thus disappoint himself and his fans.

“It’s going to be a lot of strategies and deciding when the right time is to take a risk. Certainly, with my driving style, running the wall is going to be a huge part of my race but it’s also important to listen to my crew chief and spotter and weigh the risk versus reward.

You don’t want to get out there in the first stage and dive into the wall and end up finishing 38th,” Tyler Reddick added. What we can notice is that most drivers are cautious, and that could cost some and help some.

We'll see what awaits us .. This is an opportunity perhaps for revenge, although we hope that ugly scenes will not happen.