Famous NASCAR team owner: Kyle Busch is a little b****

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Famous NASCAR team owner: Kyle Busch is a little b****

Kyle Busch has caused a lot of outrage among NASCAR fans and many others over his action in Darlington. Namely, Busch left his car in the middle of the pit road. Tommy Baldwin Jr. is one of those who is furious at Bush and did not choose words when commenting on Bush's action.

“Well, I’ve said it before on my social media, and I’ll say it again. Kyle Busch is a little b****. Plain and simple. He is. If it wasn’t for his talent, there would be no sponsor and no owner that would let him drive a race car.

It is clear that Busch could have acted differently, and he may regret it, but now it is over. "I think he’s just so far off based on what he does and how he does it. All he did yesterday was disrupt the race. He could have turned into that garage, without a problem,” Tommy Baldwin said.

Brett Griffin reacted: He ruined the entire part of the race

In addition to Tommy, Brett Griffin was angry with Kyle Busch and believes that his actions are incorrect and should be punished. “They should take a NASCAR official and put him in that car, and if that car will crank and that car is able to drive through that gate into the garage then he should be fined 100 points.

He ruined the entire part of the race as far as what we were doing for pitting, he ruined the commercial strategy, he changed everything because he was being exactly what Tommy just called him,” Brett Griffin said.

Such an experienced driver should not have done things like this, but sometimes in a rage do a lot of things, and then you realize that it was a mistake. We still do not know whether NASCAR will react and punish him, but we hope that there will be as few incidents as possible in the future.