Kyle Larson found the culprit after the race in Kansas!

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Kyle Larson found the culprit after the race in Kansas!

Denny Hamlin is pleased with the performance of his drivers, as Busch achieved a victory in Kansas. “It’s huge. I’m so proud of Kurt—and Bubba as well,” Hamlin said, as quoted by nascar. “Bubba deserved a shot at the win as well.

They were so much better than that. There were just mistakes, and we’re working on that. I feel like I’ve let these guys down with pit road—and it’s just part of it. “It’s growing pains, but, man, this is what this team is capable of, and I’m so happy for Kurt.

Way more joy than if I was winning”. Kyle Larson did not want to blame Bush for their duel and possible consequences. “We were racing for the win, so, I mean he never got into me so I was trying to squeeze the throttle and get position on him and I just got tight,” Larson said.

“That was fun racing with Kurt. The last half of the race I was trying hard the whole time. I got out front of him some there in the third stage. “We just kept fighting through it. Thanks to my team for giving me a war machine.

I hit the wall a lot today. I struggled when people put air on me and I got really tight and I’d hit the wall. We’ll work on that and figure it out”.

Larson on the car

He is happy with his race and the car.

“Happy with my car. The Toyotas obviously were extremely good today. They’re all in the Top 10 it looks like. They had the handling and a lot of raw speed,” Larson said. “It was hard to hold off Kyle (Busch) and then I knew when Kurt got by him, it was going to be really hard to hold him off. I did my best. Just came up one spot short”.