Denny Hamlin furious after the race: I’m just frustrated that we have a rule

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Denny Hamlin furious after the race: I’m just frustrated that we have a rule

Ryan Blaney won the All-Star race in Texas. There were many interesting moments, the race was tense until the very end, but Blaney won despite the broken rules. No: 11 Joe Gibbs Racing driver Denny Hamlin is particularly frustrated because given that he would have been a winner had NASCAR adhered to the rules.

Namely, Ryan Blaney got his window net unhooked and failed to get all set back up in the restart, and such a thing is against the official rules.
“I thought that it was an opportunity, otherwise the 12 was going to win the race and he was probably 100 yards from it, I don’t know.

I’m just frustrated that we have a rule. It can’t be a convenience rule. We’re taking four weeks off, my crew chief is, because of safety,” says Denny Hamlin, as quoted by firstsportz.

Hamlin on the race

Denny Hamlin has once again confirmed his frustration and NASCAR leaders will have to work on that.

“I almost wrecked (Ryan) Blaney off turn two and he had no window net up so what happens when I wreck him and we go head-on into him. We’ve got a problem then. It’s just frustrating because we just have no consistency in our officiating,” Denny Hamlin added.

The rules are there to be followed, and Blaney obviously didn’t follow some of them and so we’ll see if that changes things. However, the race is over and it is difficult to change anything. “I just needed to stay beside the 12 (Ryan Blaney).

You know, it’s tough because he deserved to win the race, but if you mess up and you break a rule – not intentionally, but there’s rules and we have rules in place for safety and NASCAR avoids another controversy because there wasn’t a wreck in a car with no window net,” Denny Hamlin said.