Joey Logano after Gateway cup win: Who would have thought we.."

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Joey Logano after Gateway cup win: Who would have thought we.."
Joey Logano after Gateway cup win: Who would have thought we.."

The Inaugural Gateway Cup brought us a race full of adrenaline and curiosity, just as we expected. Joey Logano dominated the race and fought with Kyle Busch for the win, so in the end, he deservedly celebrated. This is an important victory for him.

“What a packed house! Thanks guys for coming out. I hope you guys enjoyed that race,” Logano said, as quoted by motorsport. “It doesn’t get much better than that. Racing for the lead like that with Kyle was a lot of fun, crossing each other back and forth.

I knew it was coming. If I did it to him, I knew he would do it to me. We crossed back and forth there a couple times in the last lap. It’s nice to get a few wins on the season here and start collecting those playoff points.

I’m way out of breath here. What a great car, though. Really fast. I kind of messed up in qualifying, and Paul (Wolfe, crew chief) made a great call putting two tires on. Blaney did a great job with the push down in (Turn) 1, which kept me close at least and being able to make the move”.

Ryan Blaney

Penske teammate Ryan Blaney was a big help to him during the race. “He did a good teammate move there and then being able to push me and give Team Penske a chance to win the race. That was cool to see that Ford power lined up on the bottom (lane).

That was special to see,” he said. “Like I said, it was a good race crossing each other. Who would have thought we had slide jobs like that here? I thought we would be running towards the bottom, and we were running way up top and crossing each other. It was a lot of fun to race here, and looking forward to coming back”.

Joey Logano

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