Chase Briscoe before Sonoma raceway: "I think I’ve become more.."

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Chase Briscoe before Sonoma raceway: "I think I’ve become more.."

The Sonoma Raceway will be the next challenge for NASCAR racers and it’s hard to predict the outcome of this race. Still, they are aware of the importance of this race and how much it can bring. Chase Briscoe is an optimist before the race and believes that last year's experience can help him.

He has matured quite a bit, and it is noticeable how much he has progressed. “Last year was tough. Sonoma is a super technical track, and the only experience I had there was in the ARCA West race the day before, so I didn’t have a whole lot to use to prepare.

I think I’ve become more confident as a driver. Last year, I was trying really hard to learn how to race in the Cup Series while not messing up other drivers and I realized I had to get over that,” Chase Briscoe said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Chase Briscoe: This season has been good so far

Briscoe hopes for a good result. He expects his car to be good on-road courses. There are many who can surprise this time as well, but we expect one spectacular race. “I learned a lot more by getting up there and racing these guys to see what they could figure out from how they drive certain tracks.

This season has been good so far. We got off a little after the Phoenix win, and COTA didn’t really go the way we wanted, but I’m excited to get to another road course and see how it goes. This car is much better on-road courses than what we’ve had in the past and I think this is a chance for us to get another really good finish and maybe another win to secure our spot in the playoffs a little more than it is now,” Chase Briscoe added.