Carson Hocevar to Joey Logano: "Don’t cry into a TV camera and.."

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Carson Hocevar to Joey Logano: "Don’t cry into a TV camera and.."

Carson Hocevar is a competitor in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Hocevar is a person who is open, honest and does not like to lie to people around him. Therefore, his statement about mistakes and acceptance of responsibility is not surprising.

Carson Hocevar has been having problems with mistakes lately. “As a fan, for me, I’d much rather see a driver just say, ‘Man, we sucked today. It was terrible. We missed it. We didn’t have it today, or, ‘Pit crew dropped the ball.’ Whatever the case may be.

I’d much rather see the honest facts because it’s real. I’d like to see what they were talking about, what they saw in the race and how they can do better,” said Carson Hocevar for firstsportz. “I would park right next to him during the Victory Lane deal and just want to talk to him, just want to hear him out.

I want to hear what he has to say in that moment before he gives the ‘Car was really good today, great day for us’ speech. I want you to explain your story before you get your moment, because you just took that moment away from me,” added Carson Hocevar.

Joey Logano and William Byron incident

He also spoke about the incident between Joey Logano and William Byron and shared his opinion on it:
“I wanted to just jump into his body and just jump the wall and just go talk to (Logano), I’m like, ‘Go do something!

Don’t cry into a TV camera and make yourself look like that.’ Just make him look like the buffoon and the bad guy. … Put it in his words, and then we can go from there after I know where he was at, whether it’s a BS story or if he wants to tell me the truth,” concluded Carson Hocevar.