Dale Earnhardt Jr on Ross Chastain: His words after the race were bulls***

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Dale Earnhardt Jr on Ross Chastain: His words after the race were bulls***

The gateway race brought a lot of interesting things. Ross Chastain ended up as the key person as he crashed into Denny Hamlin, and then hit Chase Elliot. There was a lot of criticism for his driving, and he had something to say: “It was just terrible driving.

It’s one thing to do it once, but I just kept driving into guys. At this level, I’m supposed to be better than that,” Chastain said, as quoted by motorsport. “I have all these people believing in me with Justin Marks and PitBull putting me in this car.

They deserve better”. “I owe half of the field an apology. Words aren’t going to fix it, so I’ll have to pay for it on the track. I almost did today and I deserve everything that they do,” he said.

“I can’t believe I continued to make those same mistakes; overdrive the corners and drive into guys. I had time under caution to get reset; and we’d go green and I would drive into somebody. Terrible”.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was furious at his statements and commented on them: “His words after the race were bulls***. He poured it on so thick. I don’t know, man. At one point, I almost thought he might be mocking us or something.

He’s trolling us. It got so thick there. He was going on and on just repeating himself at times,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. statement

Dale Earnhardt Jr. also referred to the incident between Chastain and Martin Truex Jr.

“It’s quite interesting. As much as I love Truex, he will always be one of my best friends, and I think that he is a cool cat because he’s that blue-collar, hunting and fishing outdoorsman kind of guy that we need in the sport.

Ross is that I don’t care, I’m not here to make friends guys that we need in the sport,” says Dale Earnhardt Jr. He still had something to say about Chastain. “Ross is a guy that’s come in and he’s out there racing like he’s not getting a check.

Every spot he’s racing for is worth food on the table. Bit of a throwback in the way drives, in my opinion. He doesn’t give an inch and we need a lot of guys out there like that. The more the better”. Added Dale Earnhardt Jr.