William Byron before Sonoma raceway: I feel like you have to focus more

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William Byron before Sonoma raceway: I feel like you have to focus more

Sonoma Raceway; An interesting race, with many big names, and great expectations. We still don't know who has the best chance, but William Byron thinks he will have to have an even bigger focus on this race than usual. Byron is aware of the advantages and disadvantages, and will strive to be as good as possible.

“I think Sonoma (Raceway) is the most different of the road courses that we race on. I feel like you have to focus more on your corner entry and exits to really be able to roll through them and get a good runoff. There are not many true braking zones, so it’s more about keeping as much speed as possible and setting yourself up for the next corner constantly.

I feel like those change what you want from the handling of your car as well,” William Byron said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Byron on his season

He hopes that this time he will use this race to his advantage. Not that they were bad in previous years, but sometimes they lacked a little luck.

Byron believes they are much better now, and in a better position. “We’ve had good runs going there the last couple of races, we just haven’t had the finishes to match it. We also have had to approach this race differently in the past strategy-wise and focus more on capturing as many points as possible.

Coming into this race with 13 playoff points already, I think we‘re in a better position to utilize a different strategy this time around,” William Byron added We will see how much he and his team think, but the competition is strong and no one will give up just like that.

It is obvious that they have quality and everything that is necessary, now all that is needed is focus and concentration.