Kurt Busch: Denny Hamlin is such an analytical guy, Michael Jordan is that spiritual

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Kurt Busch: Denny Hamlin is such an analytical guy, Michael Jordan is that spiritual

23X1 Racing proved to be a great team and have already achieved two victories thanks to Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch. This team is co-owned by Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan which is especially interesting and thus attracts even more attention.

Kurt Busch had a lot to say about the owners and his team, which has made a big move and they look great. Busch also mentioned NASCAR boss Steven Phelps who wants to advance NASCAR and make the story even bigger. “It’s great.

Just like with Daniel’s situation, a new team, new ownership from outside of the normal realm of how an owner would start out, so to speak, whether it’s a truck team or an Xfinity team. You’re seeing guys now show up at the Cup Series level due to the next-Gen car, the way that Steve Phelps has positioned our sport for success from outsiders to come in and be able to compete,” Kurt Busch said, as quoted by firstsportz.

Hamlin and Jordan: Impact on the team

Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan are doing great things on the team, and are seen to have a positive impact on everyone around them. Obviously, there is a positive atmosphere in the team, everyone is satisfied, and when you meet all these conditions, then success and results must come.

We expect much more from them in the coming period. “The Next-Gen car has allowed that to happen in a little bit quicker of a transition. With MJ it’s fun. Denny is such an analytical guy. MJ is that spiritual we know that you’re the right guy, we know we don’t have to question your talent, just go and do it.

Denny is on the other end can you fill out this report. It’s great learning from both and using all the years of experience I have to have fun with this job,” Kurt Busch concluded.