Kyle Busch reveals details about the documentary 'Rowdy' which talks about his career

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Kyle Busch reveals details about the documentary 'Rowdy' which talks about his career

Kyle Busch is the man who marked one era of NASCAR. He has given a lot to this sport, and there are too many moments from his career that we remember, especially those bigger NASCAR fans. Busch has been on the NASCAR scene for many years and will go down in history as one of the best.

All of this prompted Bush to make a film about himself called Rowdy. Kyle Busch has said a bit more about film and believes the sport has changed rapidly in recent years. Those older NASCAR fans may know more about Busch, while this will be an ideal opportunity for younger ones to get to know Kyle Busch's life better.

“For anybody that’s been around the sport for a while, nothing in there is anything new. More so for the casual fan, if you will learn and understand. Or, if you’re a newer NASCAR fan and have only been around for the last five or eight years, you don’t necessarily know the whole history of where I came from and what all went down in the early days,” Kyle Busch said.

Kyle Busch on his movie

Busch thinks the film sums up all those major things well, but he’s sad about one thing they didn’t focus on much. Still, he may be pleased with the material from the film and we can’t wait to see how Busch has built his career.

“I feel like the film is OK. There are definitely some elements that got left out that’s just timing. Wasn’t enough time to show that. Wish we had an opportunity to do something more of the Jordan feature that was eight, nine hours’ worth of film that was put out.

But it is what it is. Looking forward to people to understand a little bit more about the Rowdy background,” Kyle Busch added.