Kyle Busch on Sonoma truck win: "Didn't feel good about the truck, but.."

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Kyle Busch on Sonoma truck win: "Didn't feel good about the truck, but.."

Kyle Busch won the Truck Series in Sonoma. Although things didn't look the best the day before, Busch showed quality and deservedly won. “We just continued to work on the truck all weekend and make it better,” Busch said.

“We had a struggle at Charlotte a couple weeks ago but today was really good. “Awesome job by the guys in making adjustments to get us the win today. Yesterday was ugly. I wasn’t sure about it. I didn’t feel good about the truck.

They worked on it all night long. We made some great changes and made some chassis changes. “These guys never stop”. - Busch said after the race.

Kyle Busch on truck series

The day before the race, Busch talked about memories from the truck series.

“You look back at the history of the sport and the Truck Series growing up in California, these were their parts. It basically started in Bakersfield and Sonoma on a yearly basis there, so now that it’s back, it was good to come out and knock the rust off a little bit with the road racing and stuff,” Kyle Busch said.

“I didn’t want to run sim this week, so I thought the road course would knock that off. […] Being a part of Kyle Busch Motorsports, and us being in the sport this long, it means a lot to get more diverse tracks on the schedule and get some wins at those places,” Kyle Busch added.

His team has also lacked luck in many races this season. “I look back on the missed the year of 2011 or 2012, where I didn’t get a win. I think we finished second like six times that year or something stupid. That was frustrating.

That’s more bitter than this one not winning, but it’s good to be able to score a win,” says Kyle Busch. “We were in a position a few times this year. We had a couple really, really fast race trucks. Vegas comes to mind, COTA comes to mind, so we didn’t miss by very much, just circumstances, but proud to get one today. Everything kind of went our way, and we had a fast truck,” Kyle Busch added.