Chase Eliott on Ross Chastain: 'He will be more successful, just if ..'

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Chase Eliott on Ross Chastain: 'He will be more successful, just if ..'

Ross Chastain apologizes to Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott after an incident he caused at the World Wide Technology Raceway “I’ve talked to all parties involved and yeah, I believe I should be in this car and I believe that I did make a mistake and I hit Denny too hard,” Chastain told FS1.

“But I’m not the first guy to do that. I hit him way too hard. I hate that I took him out of the day. But we had a good conversation and whatever happens happens. I’m here to go fast and I feel like the best way that I can hurt their feelings more is to take our Worldwide Express car and just go fast”.

Hamlin only briefly answered a question about the conversation between him and Chastain “I think he knows where I stand,” Hamlin said.

Chase Elliott on Ross Chastain's mistake

Elliott also commented on Chastain's slip, and believes that Chastain has a quality he can take advantage of if he thinks more on the track.

“He is fast and they have a lot of pace,” Elliott said of Chastain. “And he’s gonna be just as successful with that pace that he has if he’s just a little more mindful of the positions he puts himself and others in at points of the race that don’t matter as much.

That was really all I had to say”. Elliott also talked about whether their relationship will remain the same, or will change. “I think that’s up to him,” said Elliott. “I tried to take the high road and talk to him as if I would want somebody to talk to me.

I just tried to give him my opinion. He can take it or leave it or whatever he wants to do”. Chastain is aware of his mistakes, but now it is too late for everyone. Still, he did what he could; He apologized.