Daniel Suarez after Sonoma victory: So many thoughts in my head right now

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Daniel Suarez after Sonoma victory: So many thoughts in my head right now

Daniel Suarez had been waiting a long time to win, and Sonoma Raceway was the race in which he finally came away with his first win. He could not hide his happiness after the victory and thanked all those who are responsible for his success.

“I (expletive) love you guys,” Suarez told his team radio. “It’s crazy day. I have so many thoughts in my head right now. I mean, it’s been a rough road,” Suarez said. “It’s been a rough journey in the Cup Series.

“These guys believe in me, Trackhouse Racing, Justin Marks, Ty Norris. Everyone that helped me to get in this point. I lot of people in Mexico: Jay Morales, Carlos Slim. My family, they never give up on me. A lot of people did, but they didn’t.

“Just very happy we were able to make it work”. Trackhouse Racing has shown confidence in Suarez many times and patience seems to have paid off. This could mean a much better continuation of the season. Their energy.

They believe in me since day one. They believe in me. All the people, all the resources to make it happen.’

Justin Marks on the race

Team co-owner Justin Marks is happy for his team and Daniel Suarez who showed his quality when it was most needed.

This is an important win for them and could mean a better continuation of the season. Who knows, they may have many more victories, but the competition this season is extremely strong. “Daniel Suarez and (crew chief) Travis Mack helped build Trackhouse,” said team co-owner Justin Marks.

They’ve been working so hard together. They’ve been so focused, so dedicated trying to get to Victory Lane. “The No. 1 car (Chastain) winning two races this year was tough on them but they’ve never given up. I’m so proud and happy for them”.