Justin Marks on Daniel Suarez: "I told him from day one, this is.."

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Justin Marks on Daniel Suarez: "I told him from day one, this is.."

Justin Marks, one of the owners of Trackhouse Racing, did a great job when he decided to sign a contract with Daniel Suarez. The race at Sonoma has shown that patience has paid off, as Suarez has achieved his first win of the season.

Justin Marks is overjoyed after all, and his ideas turned out to be great. “Yeah, it’s hard to put it into words. When Ty Norris and I first started talking about this, I came to Ty, I’ve got this idea. What I said first and foremost is I believe with this new car it’s truly going to be about the people, the people are going to make this car go.

The way they changed the model of the sport a little bit is you have to invest in your people and keep them motivated and put talented people in positions, lift them up, and empower them,” Justin Marks said.

Justin Marks on Daniel Suarez

What is important in every team is the chemistry, and the Trackhouse racing team has shown many times that there is a team spirit.

Marc is a man who has patience, who is ready to help his racers, and that is exactly what the results say. Their motive will remain the same; Victories and only victories.
“I just believe that. I think we’re doing that right now because we have a great culture at Trackhouse.

Daniel checked a lot of boxes for us right away. He’s an experienced Cup driver. He is a winner. When he’s been in positions to win, he’s won with his Xfinity championship and Truck. He was a winner at this level.

I told him from day one, this is your team, these 99 teams are your team. You come to me and tell me anything and everything that you need. We’re going to put that behind you,” Justin marks added.