Chris Buescher: Hurts to be that close

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Chris Buescher: Hurts to be that close

Chris Buescher had a great performance at Sonoma Gateway. Buescher is pleased but believes he could still have come to a victory, and he was close to it. Still, he is optimistic about the next race and what awaits him. “This team did a great job and put a really fast Mustang underneath me this weekend.

What a way to return and come back to the race track, but I didn’t get the job done there in the end. I feel like we should have had the win and I didn’t get it. We were close, just needed more. I needed to make it happen on that (last) restart and I didn’t,” Chris Buescher said for firstsportz.

He is happy for his team and the effort invested in this result. They did their best, but they lacked speed in some parts. Buescher congratulated Suarez on his victory. “We had a lot of speed. Just struggled for a little bit of long-run speed, wearing rear (tires) out.

Just didn’t get it done when it counted. It’s an awesome run. Awesome recovery from COTA, what we had there. Everybody back at RFK (Racing) is doing a great job. Hurts to be that close, but congratulations to Suarez. We were trying, trying to get him…Ran out of steam there,” Chris Buescher added.

Win in the next races

He hopes to win the next races. The quality is there, the team is really in harmony, they have what is necessary, now all you need is focus and a little luck to win. “If we can keep getting cars like this then a win will come.

It was an awesome run, and I should be happy, but I am disappointed to be that close and not get it,” says Chris Buescher. What Buescher and the whole team are doing is great. He won't have an easy task in the race, but ..