Daniel Suarez: It wasn’t fun to get the question, ‘Hey, when are you..."

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Daniel Suarez: It wasn’t fun to get the question, ‘Hey, when are you..."

Daniel Suarez won the Sonoma Raceway. He is overjoyed after the long-awaited result, and the burden has fallen from his back. This is what he has been waiting for a long time and his wish has come true. “It definitely changes a lot when it comes to relief.

I can tell you that I feel lighter. There’s a little bit less weight on my back right now,”.- Suarez said. Suarez has had a lot of pressure for a long time, but he is much stronger than criticism and expectations.

He met the expectations of both himself and all those who believed in him. “It wasn’t fun to get the question, ‘Hey, when are you going to win?’ ‘Hey, your teammate is winning; why are you not winning?’ Those things eventually start adding up, and I know I’m a winning driver, and I know my team was getting better and better, and together we’re building something great.

My pit crew — they just keep finding things to be better,” Daniel Suarez said.

Next races

It was not easy to win, luck was needed. But happiness comes when you least expect it. There is a positive atmosphere in the team, chemistry among all, and it was crowned with this victory.

The next races will be a real challenge, but Suarez already has a huge motive for a similar result. “It feels good. It just feels right. I think it took definitely a little bit longer than I thought, but I feel that, right now, we are in a place that I could only dream [of].

We’re in an amazing place with our team. We keep getting better. We keep improving. Our relationship is amazing. I feel that we’re in a very, very good place to continue to be successful the rest of the year,” Daniel Suarez added.