Hendrick Motorsports crew chief: I don’t feel great. Not what we’re used to

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Hendrick Motorsports crew chief: I don’t feel great. Not what we’re used to

Hendrick Motorsports has had a lot of problems this season. Crew Chief Rudy Fugle has commented on his team's performances so far and is not happy with the accidents that are becoming more frequent on NASCAR tracks. A solution to such things will have to be found.

“I’m a little more comfortable than at the beginning of the year, but it kind of goes in waves. There are a lot more accidents this year, so caution rates are up, car damages are up from different things flat tires in practice, and accidents in the race.

So, you have a lot of teams going through a lot of cars,” Rudy Fugle said as quoted by firstsportz.

Rudy Fugle: Not what we’re used to

Fugle is not happy with what he has seen so far, but believes he can make a difference.

No problem only his team, many are dissatisfied, and now it remains for NASCAR to pull certain moves. Sometimes one race is enough to ruin your whole season. “If you get three or four weeks of not wrecking a car, you can get in pretty good shape, and then you go two or three races in a row of wrecking, you’re back just kind of scraping by.

I don’t feel great. Not what we’re used to, but I think we’re still adjusting to what the new normal is going to be with cars,” Rudy Fugle added. His team is one of the strongest, they have great drivers, but they have to fight until the very end of the season.

Hedrick team is aware of their quality and that they can do a lot, but this season is very strange, and everything is possible in the end. “We have to race, and we have to win, so we have to push those limits but not be reckless,”.