Todd Gilliland won at Knoxville Raceway: Just so amazing, man

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Todd Gilliland won at Knoxville Raceway: Just so amazing, man

Todd Gilliland won at Knoxville Raceway. He couldn’t hide his luck after a great win and showed how serious a racer he is. Gilliland will have many challenges and he has a career ahead of him, but it is obvious that he is a top talent.

“Just so amazing, man. The Cup Series is tough. Just racing every single week, I’ve had like a million people ask me, ‘Is this really what you wanna do on your off weekend?’ Absolutely, man. Nothing beats racing.

I tell everyone I’m young. I wish I could do this every single weekend of the year,” Todd Gilliland said.

Team spirit

The truck series is his great love. Gilliland is grateful to his team and everyone who was part of his success.It can be seen that everyone is working hard and that the team spirit is at the highest level.

“Just so happy for [crew chief] Seth Smith, my whole team, David Gilliland Racing, Ford, especially…Really, really cool. Just so thankful. I love the Truck Series. I ran here forever, it felt like, so to be able to come back and to get one, man, it’s so special,” Todd Gilliland added.

He is also happy with his truck. Gilliland had a real ‘machine’ and got the most out of it. Todd will now be preparing for what awaits him, and that is the next races. This will be a huge motivation for him to continue at the same pace and once again confirm how good he is.

“I just had an amazing truck. These [David Gilliland Racing] guys prepared me a really good one. We got fitted in the seat on Tuesday afternoon. Just an amazing truck. These guys work so hard. The No. 17 truck’s been really fast a lot this year, so finally to get it a win,”.