Austin Cindric compares F1 and NASCAR: It is maybe the mentality more than anything

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Austin Cindric compares F1 and NASCAR: It is maybe the mentality more than anything

Austin Cindric made a comparison between NASCAR and Formula 1, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially after Netflix documentaries. “It is maybe the mentality more than anything else that is the difference, I can’t say I’ve seen a single race fan after riding the pontoon boat over to the paddock here.

Whereas I can’t walk anywhere, within probably a five-mile radius of a NASCAR race, without seeing a race fan and taking some time with them. I think it humanizes a somewhat seemingly untouchable sport: even from a fan on the outside,” said Austin Cindric for motorsport.

Austin Cindric on F1

Cindric recalled both his childhood and his first memories of F1. “Probably my earliest memories of F1 are showing up at IMS, everyone’s kind of got their pre-race jitters, and it was the engineering staff and the drivers all just glued to the TV screens watching Monaco.

So, it’s probably my earliest memory, and F1, it’s more about the pure strategy of the race. And the fact that you don’t have to fill up fuel in the race: the only strategy you have is tire strategy. So, there’s a lot of differences, and it makes it a bit exciting to watch,” added Austin Cindric.

He had the opportunity to watch F1 races for the first time and he hopes that he will also have the opportunity to drive an F1 car. “This is my first time ever at an F1 Grand Prix, so it’s a pretty unique opportunity,” “Obviously, it’s fairly close by, a pretty easy trip.

So, I got in touch with folks at Shell and Pennzoil. And they got me out here. To be able to kind of experience this, there are pretty cool perspectives for sure”. “I would certainly love the opportunity to drive one.

It’s a big respect for the machinery, the driving and what goes into it for sure and certainly getting more perspective on it from being here in Canada,” concluded Austin Cindric.