Chase Elliott after Nashville victory: You never want that

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Chase Elliott after Nashville victory: You never want that

Chase Elliott achieved victory in Nashville a few days ago and expressed his happiness for it. However, he has had huge problems in the last few months and that has frustrated him. This victory will mean a lot to him as a motive for the next races.

“Look, it’s fun to win regardless I feel like. But I was really proud of a couple things. One, proud of having the past month-and-a-half, two months that we’ve had been horrendous,” Elliott said, as quoted by motorsport.

“I’ve crashed about 10 times and we’ve had a lot of stuff happen to end up having bad finishes. “You never want that, whether it’s in a string of races or not, you don’t want that, period.

So, proud to be able to bounce back from a really rough stretch”.

Chase Elliott: I feel like we’re as good as anybody

His team also showed character, as it was not a good situation for them at first. This race will be of great importance to his team, because they are now aware that they can fight for the very top.

This will require the involvement of everyone in the team. “As bad as we were at the beginning of the race, to be able to adjust on it, take advantage of the opportunities we had to try to fix it and then to hit on it and be able to execute on it after we hit on it to be able to finish the event strong is not an easy thing to do,” he said.

“I feel like we’re as good as anybody, and I felt like (the team) really showcased their talents, not just on pit road with their pit stops being really solid but making really good adjustments and just staying on top of everything, so it was a good team win”.