Chase Elliott: Wish I could have done more

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Chase Elliott: Wish I could have done more

Chase Elliott is not satisfied with himself after the race, because he expected to be able to do much more. His colleague, Tyler Reddick, showed quality and deservedly celebrated in the end. “I didn’t do a very good job there (after the pit stop).

I just let him stay close enough to pressure me there while we had decent tires and never could get enough of a gap,” Elliott said for motorsport “Made a couple mistakes. “I was gaining a gap there a couple times and made a couple mistakes and let him get back close enough to get me out of sync, and then after that just started struggling.

“Obviously, it was super-difficult to get to somebody to pass them. It was impressive he was able to get up there and capitalize on my mistakes. Wish I could have done a better job there. “I felt like we probably needed a little bit, but I think we were good enough to win, so those always hurt”.

Chase Elliott and Tyler Reddick

Chase Elliott thinks Reddick deserved this. “Congrats to him,” Elliott said of Reddick. “I know he’s been super-close to that first win, and I’ve been down that road and it can be a rocky one.

I’m happy for those guys. They deserve it”. With the arrival of new changes in NASCAR, a lot happened. “As the season goes on and … we learn what everybody needs in their vehicles, every car is going to become the same manufacturer to manufacturer,” he said “And as that becomes the case, track position is going to become more and more of a premium.

That’s just motorsports nowadays. Aero is huge, and you can’t unlearn, so that’s the road we’re on”. Tyler Reddick is happy about the win, especially since he put a lot of effort into this. “I was tired of just being so bad that I felt like I was just kind of in the way and had to get out of everybody’s way and wanted to change that,” he said.

“The nice thing about it is the hard work you put in is what you get out of it. … A year-and-a-half ago or so we rolled into the beginning of the year, we were way better, and that was great, but it wasn’t good enough because we still didn’t get the job done. We still didn’t win. “So, we just kept plugging away at it”.