Tyler Reddick will become a member of 23X1 Racing from 2024!

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Tyler Reddick will become a member of 23X1 Racing from 2024!

23X1 Racing surprised NASCAR fans with the decision that their member from 2024 will be Tyler Reddick. He is currently a member of Richard Childress Racing, but it is obvious that 23X1 has serious ambitions for him.
“With RCR I got my first opportunity in a cup car with Richard and that team and it’s been great to grow with them for me it was really important to finish what I’d started there see it through see it through to its end.

And you know they’ve like said they’ve given me so many opportunities to win um opportunities to be a two-time Xfinity champion give me the door to get into the cup series and I’m extremely grateful for that and will continue to be and then,” Tyler Reddick said as quoted by firstsportz.

RCR Team

The RCR team could have guessed that such an outcome would come. “Expanding on that that is why I wanted to see what I’d agreed to do with RCR to the end and continue to compete as hard as I can for them and against Denny and 2311 until then with the news today you know we know where I’m going to be in 2024 and on.

I wouldn’t say this was quite it shouldn’t have been a total shock to RCR you know as we were navigating what the future would look like a while ago,” Tyler Reddick added. The negotiations took a long time, but Reddick made a decision that he is proud of.

“You know we said that after the option was up in 23 and 24 and on you know we were not sure that it a while ago you know we were not sure if we were going to return that we were going to figure out what lay ahead …but you know it’s out there and everyone has the information now and now we all will collectively figure out what do we do go from here,” Tyler Reddick explained.