Tyler Reddick shocked fans with a new decision: RCR team reacted

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Tyler Reddick shocked fans with a new decision: RCR team reacted

Following the announcement of Tyler Reddick's move to 23X1 Racing in 2024, RCR immediately responded via Twitter, and it appears they are not happy about the announcement. “We’re proud of the success Tyler Reddick has found at Richard Childress Racing.

We’re focused on winning a championship in 2022 and 2023, although the timing of this announcement could not be any worse,” RCR stated on Twitter.

Twitter reactions

Some of the reactions to their Tweet immediately followed: "It's a shame because he really could have been a big fish in a little pond.

Now he's in the Toyota machine and will be swallowed up. But that's his choice. We all have choices to make in life." "I hate to see them lose Tyler, but hopefully we can see Jeffrey Earnhardt in an RCR ride either in xfinity or cup once the driver lineup shuffles."

"They did really good with this statement up until the "although" - but I get it. The 23XI announcement seems unnecessarily early. Maybe they ought to just work something out to split at the end of the year.

It'd benefit both teams to move forward sooner rather than later." The decision angered many NASCAR fans, but Reddick made a decision he clearly has no regrets about. Now he is focused on helping his team, but he is also ready for the future and new challenges.

“Expanding on that that is why I wanted to see what I’d agreed to do with RCR to the end and continue to compete as hard as I can for them and against Denny and 2311 until then with the news today you know we know where I’m going to be in 2024 and on.

I wouldn’t say this was quite it shouldn’t have been a total shock to RCR you know as we were navigating what the future would look like a while ago,” Tyler Reddick added.