Christopher Bell on the current season: It's been stressful

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Christopher Bell on the current season: It's been stressful

Christopher Bell and his team are having an interesting season. They had many ups and downs, and Bell commented on the whole situation: “It’s been stressful. After the first couple races of the year, I kind of wrote off pointing our way into the championship,” Bell said.

“Then we had a stretch of really good races and kind of turned that around to like ‘Hey, we may be able to do this,’ and then you’ve got guys that kept winning, and the (playoff) cutoff line kept creeping up and up and up.

“So, it feels really good to hopefully get myself above that cutoff line by a couple spots”. - he said, as quoted by motorsport.
Bell's crew chief, Adam Stevens commented on this season: “We clearly need bonus points.

I think we’ve shown all year that we have probably top-five speed week-in and week-out, we just dug such a deep hole at the beginning of the season,” he said. “At one point four, five, six races in, we were like 32nd in the points.

“I think we’re somewhere around eighth right now, far enough away from the back end of the playoff qualified cars now that we don’t have to sweat that for these next few weeks. It was getting to the point with Daytona and Indy Road Course still on the schedule it was pretty clear that it was going to take a win to get in”.

Next-Gen Cars and season

Next Gen cars have influenced many to have great results, while some of them, from which a lot was expected, are not so good. “I mean, I think it’s just what organization hits it that weekend.

There’s obviously a lot more Chevy and Ford teams than there are Toyota teams, so there’s a lot more opportunity for them to dominate the race than it is for us,” Bell said. “At Atlanta – well, it’s a speedway race so I’m not going to count that.

Before that, we had Road America; the JGR Toyotas have really struggled at road courses this year. Then if you look back at Nashville we were one of the best groups, probably the best group. “It just comes in waves, and there are race tracks we’re good at and race tracks we’re not good at yet”.