Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Ty Gibbs: "That was what was most impressive to me"

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Ty Gibbs: "That was what was most impressive to me"

Ty Gibbs impressed many and showed that he is a great talent. And at Pocono Raceway he continued to show his quality. Gibbs finished second and could have finished the race as the winner. What surprised many was the fact that Gibbs did not want to be aggressive on two occasions, and Noah Gregson eventually got the win.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. commented on Gibbs and his mannerisms: “I was so impressed by Ty. He was in a situation where it would have been easy for him to use up Noah a little bit and raced him even a little bit harder without any real repercussion, and he raced really clean.

I was pretty taken aback by that. Now, it’s on Noah when they’re in that same situation to give him that same amount of respect,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said.

Gibbs and maturity

Gibbs is clearly learning from his mistakes, he is ready to learn and could have a great career.

“I just wanted to publicly say how impressed I am with Ty. He takes some criticism and makes changes and he improves. He evolves. He’s everything you’d want in a driver in terms of seeing a mistake or seeing the repercussions from something and trying to be better going forward,” Dale Earnhardt Jr.

added. What impressed many the most was his maturity. It looked like he had 20 years of experience. “I think Ty proved he has restraint, and he proved that even against one of his fiercest competitors and rivals that he has control, emotionally.

So that was what was most impressive to me, because there is history with those two drivers, and it would have been, in some people’s eyes, completely fair for Ty to race him harder and more physically. I was impressed by that, because usually, from such a young driver, you don’t see that type of emotional control and ability to sort of restrain yourself,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. explained.