Daniil Kvyat: After Formula 1, I couldn’t see anything cooler than NASCAR

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Daniil Kvyat: After Formula 1, I couldn’t see anything cooler than NASCAR

Daniil Kvyat will make his Cup Series Debut in NASCAR. After his F1 career, he decided on a new challenge. “I want to give a lot of energy to NASCAR now, to give myself the best shot at becoming very competitive,” he told Motorsport.com on Tuesday.

“I wanted to start with something really cool after my Formula 1 career. “After Formula 1, I couldn’t see anything cooler than NASCAR, that’s for sure”.
He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and was obviously a big fan of NASCAR.

Now he will find himself in the role of driver. “NASCAR Cup Series has a very rich history and is extremely popular in the United States and also worldwide,” he said. “I think it has managed to maintain this very good balance between modern and old-school racing.

“It made me very curious to try it. It’s very tough racing. There are tough guys racing at a very high level. For a few years I’ve been trying to try it and finally I got an opportunity here”.

Kvyat and challenge

Obviously, Kvyat likes challenges, and is ready to give his best to achieve success.

“Whatever I do, I try to do with the maximum competitive approach," he said. "I’m a competitive person and I want to achieve strong results here. “I’m open-minded to racing on the oval tracks and trying to make this transition.

I really want to race for the highest results and one day fight for the championship here”.
The Cup Series can sometimes be a difficult challenge, but nothing is an obstacle for him. “I always was a big fan of contact racing,” he said.

“I’ve never had issues putting my elbows out and I don’t think I would have any problems with that in NASCAR, either. I’m used to that – I kind of enjoy that”.