Chase Elliott reacted to Denny Hamlin wrecking Ross Chastain

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Chase Elliott reacted to Denny Hamlin wrecking Ross Chastain

There are many reactions to Denny Hamlin wrecking Ross Chastain in Pocono Raceway. Chase Elliott thinks that Hamlin was pretty nice about it. “I honestly thought Denny was pretty nice about it. He did run him up the track a little bit but he still left him some room there on the exit after it was all said and done.

I thought, all things considered, he [Hamlin] was pretty kind about what went on there,” Chase Elliott said. Denny Hamlin also explained his move “I mean, what did you want me to do? What did you expect me to do? We got position on him, and he just ran out of race track,” Denny Hamlin said in his post-race interview.

“We drove in deep and he drove in deep, and I’m not even sure if we made contact; maybe we did. He ended up running out of the racetrack. He knew I was going to race him hard. What else do you want me to do after the wrecks that I’ve had? That’s what we did today,” Denny Hamlin added.

Ross Chastain on the incident

Ross Chastain believes that this is the result of some of his moves from earlier. However, he must devote himself to what awaits him. “I think we all knew what was owed to me, and today he cashed that in.

I know that my actions bear consequences. So, for a month or two, I knew I stepped over the line and wrecked him, so he decided to return it today,” Ross Chastain said. “No, I had that one coming, and if I would have raced smarter two months ago, I probably would have had plenty of room off Turn 1.

I’ve realized that for the last month or two, and it’s just too late for that so…I’ll go onto Indy,” Ross Chastain added.