NASCAR spotter: What Kyle Busch did is disrespectful

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NASCAR spotter: What Kyle Busch did is disrespectful

Kyle Busch has had many ups and downs this season, and his contract with Joe Gibbs Racing is an exciting topic. Brett Griffin talked for the Door Bumper Clear podcast; He is furious with Kyle Busch and his reaction to Gibbs coming over to congratulate him.

Busch seemed to have no reaction. “What Kyle Busch did yesterday in that video I saw on NASCAR is disrespectful. Where is your gratitude, buddy? Where is your grace? Because you don’t ever display any. So maybe that’s why you’re not marketable enough to warrant a $25 million sponsor right now,” Brett Griffin, who spots for Justin Haley said.

Brett Griffin praised Kyle Busch and everything he did for NASCAR, but he thinks his reaction was bad and he should have done it differently. “I’m sorry. Most talented in the garage? Yeah, he’s one of them.

Best personality for NASCAR? Probably. The last person I think NASCAR wants to see go away is Kyle Busch because you don’t need a hundred Chase Elliotts. You need guys that are out there doing what Kyle’s doing. But, man, in that video, holy disrespectful.

I thought it was bad,” Brett Griffin added.

Kraft defended Busch

Freddie Kraft nevertheless decided to defend Busch and believes that his reaction was natural considering the result he achieved that day. It is obvious that Busch was not satisfied with his performance and what he showed.

“As far as Kyle’s reaction, for one thing, this is not really a surprise to see Kyle reacting this way after finishing second. Anybody that walks up to Kyle in that situation is probably going to get a similar reaction, but I mean, come on,” Freddie Kraft, who spots for Bubba Wallace said. Busch is waiting for the next races in which he has to raise his level of performance to a higher level