Bred Keselowski: NASCAR should hand out penalties like candy

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Bred Keselowski: NASCAR should hand out penalties like candy

Brad Keselowski and his team were punished by Nascar with a 100-point penalty. However, they are not the only ones who have been punished. Hamlin and Busch were disqualified after problems with the front fascia. Keselowski talked about it; “I feel a little bit a sense of relief in the fact the penalty that was handed out to us at Atlanta was in some form replicated to more than us.

I feel like you could probably make arguments that some teams’ penalties could have been adjusted higher or maybe even lower for sure,” Keselowski said Tuesday as quoted by motorsport “But the reality is the garage is going through a reset with respect to, you know, kind of cutting out the games and that’s a good thing for us as a sport.

I personally think the sport needs more penalties and NASCAR should be handing them out like candy right now to get control of the garage. “We’ve been playing a lot of games for a lot of years and the games have to stop.

The games cost a lot of money. Those games come directly at the expense of being able to afford to do things that we’ve like to be able to do or just to be able to afford to be able to race”.

NASCAR teams

NASCAR teams make a lot of money, however..

"You look at the aero departments in these companies and you look at the engineering departments in these companies that are spending tens of millions of dollars to engineer parts and work on them,” he said. “NASCAR’s really tightened down the rules and most of those departments that were working so hard on those things are forced to make a choice (now) between doing something that might be illegal or them not having a big role in the success of the race team.

“Although I love our engineers and I want to see them for a long time, we also have to be a viable business”.