Ford NASCAR boss is not satisfied: "Four wins is not enough."

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Ford NASCAR boss is not satisfied: "Four wins is not enough."

Mark Rushbrook, Ford's NASCAR boss despite his team's good results, still thinks they should be in a better position before the playoffs. “Four wins is not enough. It’s not acceptable. We need to get more wins,” said Mark Rushbrook for motorsport.

“We need to have drivers further up the standings and hopefully at least four if not more drivers into the playoffs. “It’s certainly going to be hard with where we are with only four regular season races left, so it’s been a struggle with the new car, the new package with getting our head around it and how to set it up properly going to the track and optimizing it”.

Rushbrook is perfectionist

Rushbrook seems like a perfectionist and wants to work on every detail individually. “We’ve seen a lot of success with speed at different tracks where we have understood it, but we still didn’t bring the win home.

So, there’s a lot of work to do, but that’s racing,” Rushbrook said. “We always need to make all elements of the car better, the engine, the aerodynamics, the chassis, the setup, the tire model, our simulator model, and that’s what we’re working on.

We have a lot of meetings and advancements with our teams to try and do better every week”. It seems that there is a huge difference between the cars they will have to work on. “We’ve had different strengths across different cars at the different tracks.

I think that’s part of the struggle is this car is so sensitive that even when one team is taking four cars or two cars to the track with very small differences, you’ll see one near the top of the board and two or three or four down at the other end of the board,” Rushbrook said.

“So, that’s part of it and just understanding how sensitive it is and making sure we can really find the optimum spot for these cars to run”.