Kyle Busch: “Michigan has been a hit-or-miss place for us"

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Kyle Busch: “Michigan has been a hit-or-miss place for us"

Michigan International Speedway will be the next challenge for NASCAR drivers. Kyle Busch will be one of those who will fight for victory. Considering the previous good results there, many expect that he could repeat similar successes.

“Michigan has been a hit-or-miss place for us. I remember winning in the final race on the old pavement, which was super cool. Right after the repave, it was stuck up in lane number two, where everyone wanted to run. But after a few years, we got to put on more side-by-side racing and I ended up stringing together some solid finishes,” Kyle Busch said.

Next Gen cars are unpredictable, so even Busch doesn't know if things will be as he expects. “Looking forward to coming back there with a fast Interstate Batteries Camry. The Fords have been strong there in recent years, but you don’t know who is going to be this year with this new NextGen car,”.

Michigan International Speedway characteristics

Busch emphasized what will be the main factor during the race in Michigan. He seems to know this track well. “Michigan just being a 2-mile speedway, it’s not like a Daytona and Talladega, where it has the banking as those tracks do, but it is medium banking, so it’s all about speed.

You just have to be fast and willing to go through the corner fast. The faster you can get through the corner, the better you are going to be down the straightaways,” Kyle Busch added. His team had to change their philosophy because of certain things.

"That’s just a product that we all understand. A couple of years ago, we tried to get the better straightaway speed and it made us not as good in the corners, so we re-did our philosophy a bit for both getting off the corner and down the straightaway,”.