Ryan Blaney: They just dive in there and wreck you

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Ryan Blaney: They just dive in there and wreck you

Ryan Blaney had no luck at the Indianapolis Cup race. It looked like he was going to fight for the win, and he had competition in the form of Tyler Reddick. However, after the restart Blaney found himself in a fight with AJ Allmendinger and Daniel Suarez.

It was expected that he could win that battle as well, but Allmendinger and Suarez spun him at turn one...
“That was a case of just getting wrecked; that’s all people do at the end of these things. [They] just dive in there and [expletive] wreck you.

And I don’t know who shoved who [and] I don’t care,”. Blaney emphasized that tires have nothing to do with this. “The tires didn’t matter at the end. We restarted [in the] top three both times and tires don’t really matter.

It’s just a matter of getting through on the restart, but apparently, that’s a hard thing to ask because people just run over each other,” Ryan Blaney said.

Blaney: They jump over the curb and wipe you out

Blaney believes that most people perform without looking at others and that the whole focus is on winning.

“I got lucky through the middle one time, and the middle never really opened one of the last couple restarts. I was protecting right, and I guess whoever was behind me didn’t care, or whoever was behind him didn’t care.

I don’t know. They jump over the curb and wipe you out,” Ryan Blaney added. Ryan is furious about everything that happened because he is aware of the opportunity he had this time. “I didn’t even have a shot at it.

I didn’t have a shot to get to…[Reddick] and try to put the bumper to him or anything like that. I just get wiped out and I don’t know…I’m [expletive] off about it, and I have every [expletive] right to be,” Ryan Blaney explained.