Kevin Harvick: "This stuff is pretty easy to deal with compared to .."


Kevin Harvick: "This stuff is pretty easy to deal with compared to .."

Kevin Harvick ended his bad streak that lasted since the pandemic and is happy to win in Michigan. “There’s really no match for jumping in a race car and taking over for Dale Earnhardt. There’s nothing like that was for the first six or eight weeks,” Harvick said for motorsport.

“You just can’t match it. Never will. Never come close. There’s nothing even close. “I mean, there’s never going to be a media session that big again. There’s never going to be a conversation that big again.

There’s never going to be a bigger moment in my career. I’ve had all those. “It’s just the rest of this stuff is pretty easy to deal with compared to those moments”. “Those moments you just can’t match,” Harvick said.

“I think that everything after that is – that was the training ground. That was the start of the process”.

Kevin Harvick speaks on his streak

Wins and losses are an integral part of a career, which Harvick himself is aware of.

“You look back at anybody’s career, and they go through losing streaks. We’re just fortunate to end it,” he said. “I think that’s the best part, right, is ending the streak. “It’s not like I’m going to plan the day: All right, we need to figure out how to end this losing streak.

You know what I mean? You can’t force those things and I tell that to a lot of the young kids. “There’s nothing in this sport that you can force. It comes by doing the details right. It comes by having the right people.

It comes by putting yourself in position, not making mistakes, dotting the I’s, crossing the T’s (and) not speeding on pit road”. Harvick has great support from the team and it is clear that there is a positive atmosphere within the team.

“I’m going to debrief on Tuesday and write my notes down, and they’re going to send me 27 emails of what the characteristics of the race track are and all the different setup things and everything that they send me every week, and it’s going to be just the same routine,” Harvick said.

“We’re just going to grind through the same things again next week, and it will be no different than the last 65 weeks that we’ve lost. “That’s the great part about having an experienced team and being around people for a long time and being able to have that trust in people – the expectation, everybody knows this is the expectation. Nobody is working towards anything different”.

Kevin Harvick