William Byron: “I don’t try to get into any sort of mode"

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William Byron: “I don’t try to get into any sort of mode"

William Byron is ready for Richmond and the race that awaits him. At the moment, he does not want to think about the playoffs and is focused only on the next race. “I don’t try to get into any sort of mode. I just try to race.

We try, at times, to simulate what a playoff race would be like or things like that, but it never seems to work too well. We’re going to try our best when the playoffs start and we’re trying our best this weekend.

Hopefully, this weekend goes as we want it to,” Willian Byron said. The race will be very important for him. “The only things that races right now represent are the strengths or weaknesses at certain tracks. I feel like we’ve got the road courses pretty good, and we were really good at the short tracks earlier this year as well.

Even though Richmond (Raceway) isn’t in the playoffs anymore, it’s a short track that will kind of represent a Phoenix (Raceway)-type track,” William Byron added.

William Byron's crew chief on the race

William Byron's crew chief Rudy Fugle is optimistic.

They looked good on the same track last time. “We feel good about Richmond (Raceway). We ran really well there in the spring and led a lot of laps. The way that the pit strategy played out is the only reason we didn’t win.

I could have made a different call but with the information I had at the time, I still feel like it was the right call,” Rudy Fugle said. He also revealed what the problem could be. “I’m just excited to get back there and give it another go.

This race will be a day race instead of a night race. The track temperature will be higher which means you need more grip. You’ll have less grip in the track but more grip in the car hopefully and build off of that,” Rudy fugle added.

William Byron