Kimi Raikkonen on the impressions after his debut in NASCAR

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Kimi Raikkonen on the impressions after his debut in NASCAR

After making his debut, Kimi Raikkonen commented and revealed his impressions after everything; "I don’t have anything to compare [the car with] but I think it was nice to get some laps, even if it’s not exactly the same car that we’re going to race.

It was very beneficial just to put laps and have some fun, to know what the car is somewhat doing, do longer runs to find out so I’m sure it’ll be easier to go into practice come the race [weekend]. Obviously I have a little experience with the Cup car from 2011.

This car is a new generation car, it’s a lot nicer, I guess more or less what I expected. I tried the simulator so I had some idea, it’s OK, obviously the same things happen to it like a normal car, so when the tires get hot you’re sliding more.

So far it’s been good”.

Kimi Raikkonen to NASCAR

Kimi Raikkonen thanked NASCAR “Maybe we did 50 laps or something,” he said of the test running. “Without those and the simulator, for sure I’d be going straight into 20 minutes practice, and then qualifying, and that would be much more harder.

“At least we prepared as well as we could, so thanks to NASCAR letting us to have those laps, we did the best that we could and most that we can, so we’ll see what we get. Obviously it’s a new track for me, so I need to learn it, so we’ll see what we have”.

Surely this is a big change for him, but the most important thing is that he was satisfied, because he was not on the scene for a long time. “The team has done a great job, really nice people all around, it’s been fun to be in the car,” he added.

“I haven’t driven any race car since the last F1 race, so it was fun and hopefully we can get a somewhat good result in the race”.

Kimi Raikkonen