Kyle Larson on NASCAR driver: He is the most underrated driver!

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Kyle Larson on NASCAR driver: He is the most underrated driver!

There are many good drivers within NASCAR. Some of them are quite underrated considering their quality. Kyle Larson just talked about one of the most underrated drivers, and his name is A.J Allmendinger. Larson has enormous respect for him and his accomplishments.

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for AJ. He does a really good job in the Xfinity Series, but I feel like he’s one of if not the most underrated guys in the NASCAR, any series in NASCAR, of my career that I’ve had in stock cars,” Kyle Larson said.

Kyle Larson on A.J Allmendinger

Larson is impressed with Allmendinger and his qualities. Allmendinger has proven many times that he gives his maximum and that he has great qualities. “You can just tell when drivers are really good.

For AJ to put himself in position every single time on a road course, whether it be any series that he’s in, is amazing. As good of a job as he does in the Xfinity Series on ovals, I feel he really carries that car a lot of times.

You can compare him to his teammates, and he’s always outrunning them. I feel like that’s a good way to kind of judge how good a driver is,” Kyle Larson added. Kyle believes that Allmendinger would often be the winner if he had a car similar to him.

However, A.J is satisfied with what he has at his disposal and consistently shows that NASCAR is his greatest love. “There’s no doubt in my mind if he was in equipment equal to mine, he would be winning races frequently.

He continues to get better. I love getting the chance to race him,”Kyle Larson explained. We have to admit that they are both great drivers and without them, NASCAR would not be what it is.

Kyle Larson