A.J. Allmendinger: Kyle Larson is the most badass driver on the planet right now

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A.J. Allmendinger: Kyle Larson is the most badass driver on the planet right now

Kyle Larson excelled at Watkins Glen and took the win. Larson won the NASCAR cup and Xfinity series. What is interesting in both races is that AJ Allmendinger finished second. AJ Allmendinger is not satisfied with his position, but he is aware of how good a driver Kyle Larson is and he praised everything that Larson is doing.

“Finishing second sucks; let’s get that straight. But when it’s to Kyle Larson, I’ve said it once; I’ve said it a thousand times — he’s the most badass driver on the planet right now.

I don’t care what you put him in. He can go win, and he pretty much shows it every day, actually. It’s tough to finish second to him, but we were there," Allmendinger was in an interesting race with Larson, but in the end he did not have enough power to win.

“(Saturday), we kind of got gifted a second place. Today, we earned it. Honestly, I think it was the same deal. If I could’ve got in front of him, I don’t know if he passed me. We were pretty equal. It was just on different parts of the race track,” AJ Allmendinger added.

Kyle Larson on AJ Allmendinger

What is interesting is that Larson praised Allmendinger and called him the "most underrated" driver in NASCAR. “I’ve always had a lot of respect for AJ. He does a really good job in the Xfinity Series, but I feel like he’s one of if not the most underrated guys in the NASCAR, any series in NASCAR, of my career that I’ve had in stock cars,” Kyle Larson said.

“You can just tell when drivers are really good. For AJ to put himself in position every single time on a road course, whether it be any series that he’s in, is amazing. As good of a job as he does in the Xfinity Series on ovals, I feel he really carries that car a lot of times.

You can compare him to his teammates, and he’s always outrunning them. I feel like that’s a good way to kind of judge how good a driver is,” Kyle Larson added.

Kyle Larson