Big turnaround: Aric Almirola signed a new multi-year contract!

"I know that doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you, but.."

by Sead Dedovic
Big turnaround: Aric Almirola signed a new multi-year contract!

Although he announced the end of his career after finishing the season, Aric Almirola changed his mind and decided to sign a new multi-year contract with Stewart Hass Racing. “I’m here to announce that I’ll be back.

I know that doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you, but I put a lot of thought and a lot into discussing it with Janice and the kids, and, ultimately, the subject continued to get broached by the race team and Smithfield, and through all of that dialogue, mainly with the race team and Smithfield, it was very evident that not only did they want me back, but that Smithfield wanted to increase their marketing campaign around NASCAR and around me.

So, they’ve decided to come back for a multi-year agreement, which is incredible,” Aric Almirola said.

Aric Almirola and his family

After consulting with his family, Aric Almirola decided that this was the best thing for him.

“This year, I took the opportunity to really soak it all up and embrace this year, and I have found a renewed sense of what a work/life balance looks like this year. I think by the time the year is over, Janice and the kids will have come to about 28 races.

I think many of you might not come to 28 races, so it’s been really good for us to find that balance. Everything has worked out to make it make sense for me to be able to continue to race with the kids’ activities,” Aric Almirola added.

Almirola stressed that his decision was not due to lack of motivation or loss of desire, but a matter of family. However, it is obvious that he has now resolved the details within the family. “Our family dynamic has changed.

Things have changed, and it just feels right. It feels like a blessing and a wonderful opportunity to continue to do what I love to do, and I think I made that very clear when I announced that I was gonna retire that I wasn’t retiring because I didn’t enjoy racing anymore; I was retiring because I was willing to make a sacrifice for my family because, ultimately, my family is the most important thing to me,” Aric Almirola explained.

Aric Almirola