Kyle Busch on Kurt Busch's decision: I think that’s mighty strong of him

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Kyle Busch on Kurt Busch's decision: I think that’s mighty strong of him

Kurt Busch saddened the fans a few days ago after he confirmed that he will not perform in the Playoff. Busch needs some time to recover, and we hope he will be here as soon as possible. “As much as I wanted and hoped to be able to get back in the No.

45 car to make a playoff run with our team, it’s still not the right time for me,” said Busch for “In addition to not being cleared to return to racing, I know that I am not ready to be back in the car.

I respect the sport of NASCAR, my fellow drivers and the fans too much to take up a playoff spot if I know I can’t compete for a championship this season. The decision was not an easy one, but I know it is the right thing to do.

I will continue to take time to heal and strengthen as I prepare to be back in the car and will do all I can to help 23XI continue the success we have had this season”.

Kyle Busch reacted

His brother, Kyle Busch, reacted to the news.

He thinks that Kurt is still motivated and ready to do his best, but at the moment the situation is like that. “He’s down right now. He wants to be here. He wants to race and put on a helmet again and get back in that race car.

He’s a talented and driven individual who wants to go out there and do what he loves to do. I respect his decision and the news he gave earlier this week about relinquishing a Playoff spot,Kyle Busch said. Kyle thinks this is a brave decision.

“I think that’s mighty strong of him. He’s relinquishing that spot for others to be able to go out and race with his unknown status at this time. So, I think that was very strong with him. And yeah, I think that’s going to bode well,” Kyle Busch added.

Kyle Busch