Kyle Larson on this season's performance: I would say no, it wasn’t good

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Kyle Larson on this season's performance: I would say no, it wasn’t good

Kyle Larson this season does not manage to be as good as the previous ones, although it cannot be said that this is a bad season for him. Larson is aware of his team's struggles, but they aren't the only ones struggling this season.

“Well, I think our regular season didn’t go very well, to our standards, but I don’t really know if it did for anybody. Even for Chase (Elliott), I don’t even know if his regular season was up to their standards.

There was just a lot of inconsistency this year throughout the regular season,” Kyle Larson said. Larson emphasized the problems they faced and that they can do better. “We had three blown engines now in the regular season, so DNFs with that.

But also mistakes on my part or bad pit stops. Yes, we got a couple of wins, which was nice. but we also probably gave away a couple, as well,” Kyle Larson added.

Kyle Larson on the season

Although he is not satisfied, Larson is still optimistic about the playoffs “I would say no, it wasn’t good.

But I do still feel like we are prepared for the playoffs. I feel like here. Lately, our pit crew has been performing well. Our cars have been fasting all year long. Cliff (Daniels, crew chief) and our guys have been making good calls on top of the box,” says Kyle Larson.

Larson doesn't want to exaggerate things and believes that they are ready for the next challenges. “I’m doing a little bit better job of taking what I can get out of the race car and not overstepping things. So, I feel like we’re prepared.

We just have to hope that everything comes together, and this is the time of the year for that,” added Kyle Larson. “I know we have a championship-caliber team. We proved that last year, and we just have to do it again,”.

Kyle Larson