Austin Cindric: That’s the only expectation that I have

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Austin Cindric: That’s the only expectation that I have

Austin Cindric has delighted the NASCAR public with his performances this season. Many people wonder how much Cindric can do in the playoffs, and he revealed what he expects in the future. “I don’t have any expectations.

I got the same questions before the start of the season about what my expectations were for a rookie year and honestly, I want to do my job. That’s the only expectation that I have, which is to have a team that has all the resources and capability to be able to do that.

We’ve certainly delivered on a lot of occasions, and certainly [we’re] having a great season if you look back,” Austin Cindric said.

Austin Cindric on his season

Cindric has shown that he is ambitious many times this season.

He is ready to compete with much more experienced drivers and show them his capability, but again in all this, Cindric is down-to-earth. “I have to give myself perspective sometimes that I’m racing around guys that are having career-best years.

Sometimes I want too much, but I think that’s a good thing. But at the same time, I believe the pursuit of being the best is what we’re about here at Team Penske. I don’t think we feel like we’ve got that covered at the moment, so between the three of us, I think there’s still more that we want to get,” Austin Cindric added.

His team is of high quality, made up of top drivers, and the team management expects good results. “But as far as the 2 cars, I feel like we’re the best we’ve been so far. I think we’ve got a process down, and the communication is certainly the best it’s been, so I think all those things are important when I’m racing against guys that have decades of that experience,” Austin Cindric explained.