Joey Logano furious about superspeedway events: Is that what fans want to see?

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Joey Logano furious about superspeedway events: Is that what fans want to see?

Superspeedway events have proven to be risky this season with events at Talladega and Daytona. Joey Logano reflected on the race at Daytona and the outcome that happened. “Look at all of the guys that were running up front in that race that was doing really, really well.

Where’d they finished? In the freaking garage. And then you look at the top 10 of these races afterward, and you’re like, ‘They rode around the back all day long doing nothing, just riding around.’ Is that what we want? Is that what fans want to see?” Joey Logano said.

Joey Logano is not happy with the development of the situation on such tracks. Individuals seem to capitalize on the mistakes of those ahead and finish races in unexpected ways. Logano believes this is wrong. “I have to really think about that as a driver in the field.

I’ve got to think, ‘Should I just ride around in the back and do nothing all day long and finish in the top 10?’ … That’s a broken system if you ask me,”.

Joey Logano: I hate this place.

I hate this place

Logano is not the only one who is dissatisfied, there are many who agree with him. Joey confirmed it. It seems that in such races the drivers have to be extra careful. Such races require special tactics and driving styles.

“Listen to every driver after they get out in the infield care center and they get out, and they’re all like, ‘I hate this place. I hate this place,’. You dread it eventually because you just know it’s coming.

Like you strap in, and you’re like, ‘I’m pulling these bad boys extra tight today because there’s a really good chance that I’m sideways on the fence at some point,’” added Joey Logano.

Joey Logano