Chase Elliott: I don’t think anyone is safe from that

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Chase Elliott: I don’t think anyone is safe from that

The first round of playoffs will be held at Darlington Raceway. Chase Elliott is one of the favorites to win, and many believe that he will be the main candidate for the top of the podium. Elliott is happy with the situation his team is in.

“I feel like we’re in a good place. I think we could be better, but I think we’re in a solid spot — and in a position where we’ve learned some good lessons, too, that we can apply going forward,”.

Elliott still does not want to prejudge the name of the favorite and thinks that there is currently no favorite. “I don’t think there is [a favorite]. For me, there’s never a good answer. But I try to just give you my honest take on it, and you can take that and do what you want, I guess.

There have been too many people good at different times,”.

Chase Elliott and the pressure

There is a lot of pressure on him, considering that he plays the role of favorite, but Elliott does not accept that opinion, considering that he has only one victory more than the runner-up.

“Just because we have a win more than other people doesn’t mean other people aren’t capable of winning or having a really good day, too. You’ve got to respect the whole field, in my opinion. There’s a lot of really talented drivers and a lot of really smart people working at these teams,” Chase Elliott added.

The season brought many surprises. The playoffs could be just as exciting. “The rounds are so short. You can have two bad weeks back-to-back and you do nothing wrong, and the next thing you know, you’re in a position where you have to win the last one.

And that could happen to the guy that’s first in points or the last guy. I don’t think anyone is safe from that,” Chase Elliott explained.